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Logo design is one of the most important areas involved within a corporate brand. Having a professional logo is no trival matter, instead it is a powerful tool that provides instant recognition to your business and sets you above your competition. To say the least, your logo can make or break your company. As with many startup companies, lack of customers and funds causes many businesses to put off their logo design, along with branding identity, until profit increases. However, the lack of a logo makes these initial customers harder to come by and often results in a failed business.


The first step to the logo design process at Typework Studio is understanding our client’s business needs. We address certain questions prior to any creative work such as:

> What is your mission (and vision) of your business?
> What do you hope to achieve from your business in the next 5-15 years?
> How do you connect with your customers?
> How do you promote and generate customer loyalty and repeat business?
> What is the theme color you would preffer?
After a message and target is clearly defined, creative work takes place. After one of the logos is selected, we refine the design of this logo and offer the client several other slight variations of the design chosen. When a final black and white logo has been refined and perfected, color is then introduced into the logo. We provide the client with high res files of the logo, including EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG or other format as they request.

Logo Design Siem Reap

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