Interactive CD Design


Interactive CD-ROM is a highly versatile format for delivering engaging multimedia presentations for internal and external use. This medium offers many compelling features that websites and traditional media cannot. Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the greater Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) helps clients from all industry segments effectively convey their message and have a significantly higher impact on targeted audiences.

Interactive CD Design Presentation

What does Interactive CD-ROM production mean for your company?

Interactive CD-ROMs designed and developed by DDA allow your audience to retain the maximum amount of information. By investing in multimedia technology you are able to provide your viewers with more control over what information is presented and at what speed. Together these features can return enormous business benefit. Compared to traditional media, DDA’s interactive CD-ROMs break the boundaries of technology and design to produce compelling multimedia experiences by incorporating video, games, and 3D animation, along with linking to online data.

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