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Hotel Link Solutions is designed to give you full control over your accommodation's online business. You are in charge of everything – your website, bookings and distribution!

The Solutions

Our modular approach allows you to select only the solutions needed for your property. There are dozens of combinations possible that can include only what you need. For example, one could select a Website with the Booking Engine and Social Media OR one could select a Website only. Our solutions are flexible depending on the requirements of individual properties. Find out more about each of the solutions below, and send a request on the Sign Up page if you would like more details!

► Booking Engine

Hotel Booking Engine Siem Reap

The Hotel Link Solutions booking engine integrates with your website and allows guests to search for availability for given dates, and then complete the whole booking process through to payment online. Accommodation providers have full control over the updates to room rates, inventory, stop sales, special rates and promos etc. to effectively yield manage and maximise profits right from the Hotel Link Solutions system.

Once the bookings have been made by a customer, our system allows for a central location for accommodation providers to easily manage and track their bookings. The system offers numerous management reports (past bookings, forward bookings, web metrics etc.) to help suppliers keep track of all the activity as it’s happening.

The booking engine also supports different payment options. You can choose if you want to capture the credit card details from the traveller with our secure vault, or use one of the payment gateways we are integrated with.

► Booking Widget

Online Booking Widget

If an accommodation provider already has a professional-looking website, and would like to add online booking capabilities – this is the best solution! An integrated booking engine in a property website is the best way to attract online customers and manage bookings.

The booking widget from Hotel Link Solutions gives two options to provide the booking functionality in a website: the embedded and the stand-alone booking widget.

The embedded booking widget can be completely integrated into a website with a streamlined user experience (since the travellers doesn’t have to leave the website). The stand-alone widget can be easily implemented, as it only requires a simple link directing to this page from the website. While the stand-alone widget contains more information about the property, the embedded widget assumes that the majority of this information is covered in the property’s webpages.

Once customers make their booking on the booking widget, the information automatically appears inside the Hotel Link Solutions system for easy management. Property reservation managers will also be alerted of the booking with a notification email.

► Channel Manager

The channel management system is a shared database where all OTAs pull from a pooled database of allotment. When a property has 10 rooms available for example, all 10 of these rooms would be input into the channel manager. All of the OTAs with which the property has established contracts can then pull allotment from this pooled database. This means that all channels have access to the same 10 rooms, and the rooms will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a huge advantage since there is no worry that all rooms get booked out of one OTA, while other rooms are sitting unbooked in another. Channel management saves time for reservation managers since all distribution websites (Agoda,, Expedia etc.) and your own property website are managed from one location. Our system helps accommodation providers improve their room occupancy and reduce the chances of overbooking.

Any or all channels can be switched off if the accommodation provider does not wish to sell rooms via the channel(s) (e.g. when the property is full and it is preferable to optimise returns by funneling more bookings coming to the main website or to lower commission OTA sites).

We provide access to 40+ Online Travel Agent (OTAs) channels.

Mobile Site for Hotel Booking Engine► Mobile Site

A report from Google showed that in the last quarter of 2012 approximately 25% of search clicks were coming from non-PC devices. By 2017, it is expected that 50% of online direct bookings will be made on mobile devices – with even more ancillary purchases made through mobile, given the devices’ portability and ease of use.

Hotel Link Solutions’ mobile websites are elegant and easy to use. Whenever a traveller opens one of our websites from a mobile device, the optimized version will display, allowing them to make the booking the same way they do in the main website.

We offer complete customization to make the mobile website look just like the main website.

► Property Management System (PMS) Connect

A property management system, or simply PMS, is a digital system that assists with the front-office management of an accommodation. They’re mainly used to coordinate front end operations, process reservations, handle payroll and any other day-to-day accommodation operations. The PMS works as the core of a property’s operations.

Hotel Link Solutions provides a seamless integration with some of the most popular PMSs in the market to make your life easier. That means you can still use the PMS solution you have for managing offline bookings, and benefit from the online bookings generated by Hotel Link Solutions, all within the same, easy-to-use system.

Hotel Link Solutions allows you to update rates, availability, stop sells, minimum length of stays and inclusions straight from your PMS system. Hotel Link Solutions will then instantly update all connected Online Travel Agents and Global Distribution Systems.

When a booking is made on any channel connected through the Channel Manager, it is stored in Hotel Link Solutions and instantly sends a message to your PMS so that all operations are in communication with one another – making your management operations easier!

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